Arduino on Belgian national TV

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It is actually the first time Arduino got this much attention on the Belgian National Television. It was Lieven Scheire, a Belgian known face on TV, who did the honours explaining to the Belgian public, what this Arduino is all about, on the talk show Café Corsari. And ... he did well !

TEAM a.r.g.

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It has been a while ... the reason: TEAM a.r.g.

TEAM a.r.g. is actually me, teamed up with Trodoss, the guy that made Elventure and Poofy adventure for the Gamby Shield, I have talked about in an earlier post. We have our first game almost ready now, so time to let the world know, what we have come with. Our very first game together is Dungeons and you can read all about it on our new website. We also have a twitter account, you can start following. @TEAMarg_org

So if you are into Arduino and Retro Gaming, TEAM a.r.g. might be a good place to start with. Have FUN!

W&L Video Game shield

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While working on our first game "Dungeons" for the Gamby Arduino Shield and trying to finish the website for TEAM a.r.g. , I ordered 2 Video Games Shield made by Wayne and Layne. Just finished soldering the first one, but ... got no cables to connect it. Guess I'll have to wait, till I'll get home.

While we still have a lot of work to do on our 8-bit retro arduino games, I wanted to at least own one shield to test with, because although the first game "Dungeons" is running on the Gamby Shield, we'll be porting all games to work with the Video Games Shield too.

 I'll let you now when we're finished, coding and web designing.

First Gamby Demo video

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Finished soldering the Gamby Retro Gaming shield I told you about in an other post. Well actually I finished it 2 weeks ago, which gave me some time, trying several things on it. I managed to make a small demo, using bitmaps AND animations. I haven't used frame based animations, that I'll have to try some other time. In this demo I use real-time sine calculation. As you can see the Arduino and the shield are at the tip of there possibilities, but they manage. This, for example, is the part for the rotating DNA.
    float d = 0.0;
    while (1){
        float q = 2*sin(-d);
        for (byte k = 1; k<12;k++){
          float r = sin(d+(k*0.4));
          float t = sin(d+3+(k*0.4));
          gamby.disc(k*8+p,12+(r*10),2);                         // the topside discs
          gamby.disc(k*8+q,12+(t*10),2);                         // the downside discs
          gamby.line(k*8+p,10+(r*10),k*8+q,(10+t*10));     // vertical lines

Got my Arduino Gamby shields

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FINALLY, got my 2 Gamby Retro shield kits by post today. As I told you before, I was looking for some Arduino retro gaming and when I decided to go for the Gamby Arduino shield, I ordered 2 kits. I was hoping to get the 2 kits, as soon as possible, BUT Belgian customs decided NOT to play along. I had to send them a letter, declaring what was in the package, prove of payment and the exact description of what was inside the package. I decided to do this digitally, by email with all possible prove attached. This was on the 15th of May. On the 17 of may, Belgian post answered my email, telling me they on there turn, would send my email to Belgian customs.

Today, still no answer, I decided to call the number on the letter, asking what kept them from delivering my package. The nice lady told me, she would look into the system. fingers crossed ... Nothing yet, customs was still waiting for my letter, she told me. I explained here, I had emailed all documents and asked here if she could connect me with someone at customs, but she couldn't.

Maybe she could find some other info on an other system ... And yes she did. To make things even better, Belgian post was going to deliver the package today. Hurray ... well almost, because I had to pay extra. 16,60 Euro  import taxes and 12,00 Euro formalities. Damn you Belgian customs, 28,60 Euro extra for some electronics coming from the US. Oh Well, Finally got my Gamby shields, let's go soldering.

8-bit Retro Gaming with Gamby Shield

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While browsing the web, looking for some kind of 8-bit arcade console solution with Arduino (AVR), I have found other solutions like the Gameduino or the Hackvision and even the Video Game Shield. But then I found something even better (well to me, that is), the Gamby shield made by @logicalzero

GAMBY is a built-it-yourself Arduino shield (expansion board) kit featuring an LCD, 4-way directional pad, buttons and speaker in a form factor reminiscent of several classic handheld video game consoles.

What I like most about this product, is the way the library has been build. When making games, one can use sprites with (our without) masks, patterns, blocks and icons and multi frame instances.

I could find much software for this shield, but you get some games when you install the Gamby library. But let's not forget Trodoss's Elventure Game (Gamby Version) and his Ringtone Player (Gamby Version) and Zkarcher's Epic Shooter

Arduino Dual Tank Level Measuring has been updated

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Once I had an Idea for making a device that could measure the water-level in our pond, but it turned into a device to measure the level of a liquid in a container. Because it was my very first project, I couldn't finish it right away. Some time later I entered the first edition of Arduino-jam. The place I learned a lot, but it was on the second edition, I worked on this project as an entry.

Now, it seems some people have found there way to this project and started using it, having all kinds of trouble with my sketch. Good thing, because I had to solve some problems and I made it better. Now we have version 2.4 and I now know for sure, it will work for other people too.

You're looking for some device that can measure the level of a liquid without having to put something into the liquid? DUAL TANK LEVEL MEASURING is your project.

3rd Arduino Jam announced

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Yep, Starting at the 15th of February 2013 at 17h00 end ending 48 hours later on the 17th at 17h00, we will join together once again to let our creativity and knowledge flow into a yet non existing Arduino project that probably will be featured on instructables or hackaday.

More info on

Castduino audio player

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While my CastDuino project hasn't stopped working since day one, I need to replace the computer playing an audio sample, with an Arduino running CastDuino. At first I was going to use an MP3 shield, when buying it, I found out it uses the Arduino as it's cpu to play MP3's leaving no place at all for doing anything else.

Why not use a cheap MP3 player and use the Arduino for triggering it. I bought 2 at ebay (yep real cheap). Tom helped me out, connecting it to my Arduino. BUT ... The thing just starts playing what ever is on the card and keeps repeating it over and over. Mmmm, when you only need one sample to be played and you know the length of your sample, it ain't hard to get it right.

I I'm still convinced I can do better, why not use an ATMEGA328 to play audio from an SD card. I found the SimpleSDAudio library capable of doing just that. Now this means we need an SD CARD to store our samples. Well I found out, one could use an SD micro adapter and solder pins to it. Great ... But it needs 3,3v and arduino runs on 5v, or we could just let it run on 3v problem solved. I'll have to try this and see if I still can use I2C for sending play and stop commands. I'll keep you informed.

CastDuino now in use

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It finally happened. CastDuino is no longer a test project, it now is running at the firm I work at. This project was the actual reason why I started with Arduino in the first place. I think this must have been a year or so. At the very beginning I knew what it had to become, but I must admit, I didn't have a clue on how to make it happen. So I started cutting the project into small pieces and solved every little problem step by step. I learned a lot doing this and I'm proud I finally made it happen.

The only thing I need to do now is document everything, make video's and write down better documentations. Well just talking about it won't do that, so I'll end with showing a video of a CastDuino Slave displaying messages at the firm I work. Oh, ... and yes the text displayed is in Dutch and the date is in DD-MM-YY format. ;-)

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