8-bit Retro Gaming with Gamby Shield

posted 29 Apr 2013, 04:21 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
While browsing the web, looking for some kind of 8-bit arcade console solution with Arduino (AVR), I have found other solutions like the Gameduino or the Hackvision and even the Video Game Shield. But then I found something even better (well to me, that is), the Gamby shield made by @logicalzero

GAMBY is a built-it-yourself Arduino shield (expansion board) kit featuring an LCD, 4-way directional pad, buttons and speaker in a form factor reminiscent of several classic handheld video game consoles.

What I like most about this product, is the way the library has been build. When making games, one can use sprites with (our without) masks, patterns, blocks and icons and multi frame instances.

I could find much software for this shield, but you get some games when you install the Gamby library. But let's not forget Trodoss's Elventure Game (Gamby Version) and his Ringtone Player (Gamby Version) and Zkarcher's Epic Shooter