First Arduino steps

posted 17 Feb 2011, 00:14 by JO3RI Read Grab Share   [ updated 17 Feb 2011, 00:25 ]
Last month I was surfing the web looking for chip computers like sheevaplug. I combined the words open-source, chip, computer and I was suggested with Arduino among other stuff.

So I started reading on the Arduino homepage about the open-source electronics prototyping platform. Before I even knew what it was about, I already loved it. It was open-source and the software runs on Win, Mac and Linux.

I found out it actually is about sensors and switches interacting with actuators. This made me thinking. So now I could make my own board, measuring stuff and telling me about the results.

To start with, I bought the Adafruit ARDX Experimentation Kit for Arduino, you see in the picture, and started experimenting. Know it's time to do my own experiment.

The first project I will be making, is a Tank Level Measuring tool.