Castduino audio player

posted 4 Oct 2012, 14:34 by JO3RI Read Grab Share   [ updated 4 Oct 2012, 14:37 ]
While my CastDuino project hasn't stopped working since day one, I need to replace the computer playing an audio sample, with an Arduino running CastDuino. At first I was going to use an MP3 shield, when buying it, I found out it uses the Arduino as it's cpu to play MP3's leaving no place at all for doing anything else.

Why not use a cheap MP3 player and use the Arduino for triggering it. I bought 2 at ebay (yep real cheap). Tom helped me out, connecting it to my Arduino. BUT ... The thing just starts playing what ever is on the card and keeps repeating it over and over. Mmmm, when you only need one sample to be played and you know the length of your sample, it ain't hard to get it right.

I I'm still convinced I can do better, why not use an ATMEGA328 to play audio from an SD card. I found the SimpleSDAudio library capable of doing just that. Now this means we need an SD CARD to store our samples. Well I found out, one could use an SD micro adapter and solder pins to it. Great ... But it needs 3,3v and arduino runs on 5v, or we could just let it run on 3v problem solved. I'll have to try this and see if I still can use I2C for sending play and stop commands. I'll keep you informed.