Got my Arduino Gamby shields

posted 22 May 2013, 06:25 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
FINALLY, got my 2 Gamby Retro shield kits by post today. As I told you before, I was looking for some Arduino retro gaming and when I decided to go for the Gamby Arduino shield, I ordered 2 kits. I was hoping to get the 2 kits, as soon as possible, BUT Belgian customs decided NOT to play along. I had to send them a letter, declaring what was in the package, prove of payment and the exact description of what was inside the package. I decided to do this digitally, by email with all possible prove attached. This was on the 15th of May. On the 17 of may, Belgian post answered my email, telling me they on there turn, would send my email to Belgian customs.

Today, still no answer, I decided to call the number on the letter, asking what kept them from delivering my package. The nice lady told me, she would look into the system. fingers crossed ... Nothing yet, customs was still waiting for my letter, she told me. I explained here, I had emailed all documents and asked here if she could connect me with someone at customs, but she couldn't.

Maybe she could find some other info on an other system ... And yes she did. To make things even better, Belgian post was going to deliver the package today. Hurray ... well almost, because I had to pay extra. 16,60 Euro  import taxes and 12,00 Euro formalities. Damn you Belgian customs, 28,60 Euro extra for some electronics coming from the US. Oh Well, Finally got my Gamby shields, let's go soldering.