Great Progress with CastDuino

posted 25 Feb 2012, 01:53 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
Hi folks, I have been working hard on my CastDuino Project. My last progress is an integrated twitter feed reader. By making that feature, I ran into a problem: out of program memory. The complete CastDuino Slave sketch is about 31 kB now. I revised the code a made some things using less program code. The only thing I really ditched was the little Arduino logo. This took about 600 Bytes, and by not using it any more, I could lose the needed Bytes so my code would stay under 32kB.

While my CastDuino Slave is almost finished, I didn't change anything on the CastDuino Master Code. Only some revising, so it would use less program space, but for now I consider the code as finished. This reminds me, I still have to upload it.

This weekend, or probably next week, I'll finish both sketches and upload them. Next I have to start writing about the features, make better video's, make a FAQ and maybe I should consider making a whole separate website for CastDuino.

For now I'll just show you a short new video, showing CastDuino reading a twitter feed from the internet an passing it to the Sure 32x08 Dot Matrix Display.