My own BareBone Arduino

posted 14 Feb 2012, 04:35 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
While working on my project CastDuino, I found out that working with the SURE3208 Matrix displays, SRAM ran out very quickly. I couldn't find a way to reduce memory consumption, but than I realized that using a second Arduino using I2C would be the solution.

Now Arduino is a great product and actually it isn't that expensive either, but I knew it would be even cheaper to make my own Arduino alike. So I did. And here you have it, my own BareBone Arduino on a breadboard.

Most parts I buy, I buy them at iPrototype, so I contacted the shop's owner and asked him, if he would be interrested in selling a small barebone-arduino-kit with all parts included to build your own.

Mind you, you'll still need to buy a 100 nF your self if you want to use an Arduino USB2SERIAL for uploading your sketches. I bought more than 1 and I just put one in every BBA I make, together with those male headers.

You can click on the image, to have a better view.