TEAM a.r.g.

posted 11 Sep 2013, 05:32 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
It has been a while ... the reason: TEAM a.r.g.

TEAM a.r.g. is actually me, teamed up with Trodoss, the guy that made Elventure and Poofy adventure for the Gamby Shield, I have talked about in an earlier post. We have our first game almost ready now, so time to let the world know, what we have come with. Our very first game together is Dungeons and you can read all about it on our new website. We also have a twitter account, you can start following. @TEAMarg_org

So if you are into Arduino and Retro Gaming, TEAM a.r.g. might be a good place to start with. Have FUN!