Working on an Arduino LCD Demo

posted 19 Feb 2011, 01:40 by JO3RI Read Grab Share   [ updated 19 Feb 2011, 06:17 ]
Still waiting on the parts I ordered for my Arduino (Lcd, Ethernet Shield, sensors, ...), Next week they will arrive as expected. Meanwhile I'm thinking on all kinds of projects to do with the Arduino.

Maybe it would be a nice idea making a demo (like in the old dos days) for the Lcd screen. Checking out the web, what can be done with it, I found a site which can convert pixels into Arduino code. Cool !!!

Arduino LiquidCrystal by Created by Bruno Maia

So Guess what I came up with. :-D Ok, so it might be possible to drive every pixel on the LCD screen. Not really, it's more like a code for every 5x8 pixels. The Lcd has 16 characters on 2 lines. So one could move the character over the first line, by redrawing every character & pixel to the right. This means that for a character moving you'll need more then 5 drawings. I'll show you for better comprehension, with a space invader.
I'll put the bit code under it. (only the bit part)

  And I found an other nice tutorial on the Lcd subject: Arduino and monochrome LCD