CastDuino StandAlone

 About:   A Narrow Casting solution with Master-sender and slaves-receivers used as Public Displays or Public Actuators.
 Start date:  02/03/2011
 Last changed:  02/03/2011



  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  • Integrated webpage for setting up TimeServer, Update interval, Timezone, DTS or set your own time.
  • Integrated webpage for ethernet setup.
  • Integrated webpage for message and job management.
  • Create or delete 8 different time based messages (text, tweet or hashtag).
  • Create or delete 16 different time based jobs (choose 8 different actions).
  • Add twitterfeed update interval.
  • Reset and power failure proof (using EEPROM for storage)
  • Reset through webpage (restarts the slave completely).

Hardware required

  • Arduino uno with Ethernet Shield
  • or an Arduino Ethernet
  • 5v power supply with 4A
  • Something to show txt and clock like a Sure3208 Dot Matrix.


image developed using Fritzing. For more circuit examples, see the Fritzing project page


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