Our first Kickstarter together with Arduboy: Arduventure

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It has been a long time since I posted a new update ... really long ... The main reason ? I have been oh so busy working on ... games. Remember my last post (probably not, because it has been over 2 years ...) on the Arduboy and meeting the creator Kevin ?  Well between then and now, we have been in touch a lot. TEAM a.r.g. I founded, now has over 10 games for Arduboy.

This year Siegfried Croes also joined our TEAM and together with Gavin Atkin we started working on Siegfrieds demo Arduventure to make it a full blown RPG. This month we decided to take it ever further and we teamed up with Arduboy to create a Special Edition Arduboy with the Arduventure RPG, a plush doll of our main character Flynn, gold on black box and a booklet.

If you want to support us, you can back the campaign at kickstarter

Meeting Kevin Bates, creator of Arduboy

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It's fun to meet someone that has made a successful kickstarter campaign on its own. Meeting Kevin Bates the creator of Arduboy was really intense. We had an 8 hour talk, while we did some sightseeing in Ghent.

We have been talking a lot (hence 8 hours), most of it about the business he started with Arduboy and how it came to be. We also talked about TEAM a.r.g. (the team I'm part of) and what we can do together to make Arduboy an even greater success.

We both came to the same conclusion: to make a successful system, you need great content and visa versa. So we are both looking in the same direction and in time we'll start working closer together. TEAM a.r.g. might evolve into a gaming studio, but for now, we will just keep making fun games for a fun platform, so that when the Arduboy gets released, TEAM a.r.g. will have 10 titles ready for download. So ... Interresting times ahead !

The first Drone Convention in Belgium

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For the first time in Belgium, we could attend a drone convention. It was organized by EUKA in the old mine site C-Mine in Genk. Moderated by Lieven Scheire, the convention had several speakers from many different disciplines:

- building & construction
- the government
- agriculture & gardening
- security
- transport & logistics
- technology & aerodrones

They had drones to show and demonstrate and talked about inovation, but there wasn't really anything new though, it was more about connecting all those different fields of expertise. The only importend thing I'll remember is: the legislation isn't ready, so all outdoor flights are illegal and none of the existing training programs can deliver an official certificate, while you will need one, if you want to pilot a drone in the future. Nice work of the Belgian politicians, whom once more, waited too long, to get the legal framework ready in time.

Oh ... and our minister of defence came by too. Too tell us ... nothing. Well, he spoke with lots of words and stated the Belgian army will use drones in the future(they already are), but not killer drones. Oh no not those, only softy drones, to give support to ... our pilots ... flying planes .. new planes ... still to be bought .. never mind he didn't tell us anything new.

An Arduino JAM project shown on a Belgian TV-show

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Last Arduino-jam, Kurt Beheydt and Gerd Vanhoof build the Sucker 2000, a self-driving, steering and cleaning robot. They even won the 6th Arduino Jam.

Yesterday (18/02/2015) the Sucker 2000 made his first appearance on the TV show: De Schuur van Scheire hosted by Lieven Scheire, Kurt Beheydt, Bart Van Peer and Henk Rijckaert

Installing Java 6 on OS X Yosemite

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As many others did, I also upgraded OS X to Yosmite, losing java 6. Because we are using some software still depending on java 6, I have no other choice than to install java 6 on my Mac Pro. First thing I did, was downloading a version that seems to work fine on my Mac: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572

Just install as usual. When you're done, you'll need to do some terminal-work too:
sudo mkdir -p /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/disabled

sudo mv /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/disabled/

sudo ln -sf /System/Library/Java/Support/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/JavaPlugin2_NPAPI.plugin/ /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin

That's it, you can test your version on: http://www.java.com/nl/download/installed8.jsp?detect=jre

6th Arduino Jam

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It is almost that time of the year, where we all gather for a 48 hour jam brainstorming, tinkering, working, laughing and above all having lots of fun. As with all previous jams, we'll use Timelab in Ghent (Belgium) as our base.

Our Jam is open to anyone willing to spend 48 hours with us and our Arduino's. It has been real fun before and it will be lot's of fun all over again. And you don't have to a Belgian to participate, we have had people from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Want to participate? Enter the JAM Let's build some cool stuff !!!

Arduino Day Antwerp

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Arduino Day is a global event on the 29th of March. A perfect day to discover what Arduino is all about or to meet other people doing things with Arduino or other open software or hardware. Best of all, I have been asked if I would be interested in giving a workshop or presentation. Would I ? Sure I would. So I asked @ToonNelissen (@appsaloon and @ArduinoJam) to join me.

We decided to go for a MINI Arduino JAM within the very small amount of time (4 hours or so) given. Making a "Simon Says" game with some LED's, resistors, push buttons, jump wires, a breadboard and the Arduino. Depending on the participants we might add some more challenges or maybe go for a complete new version of the game. One thing's for sure, we'll have lot's of fun.

5th Arduino-Jam was real fun

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Tired and satisfied, that should sum it up. The Arduino-JAM was over even before we all realized the clock was ticking that fast. Some even made the suggestion to "stop the clock". Again Timelab Ghent was our place of 48 hour continuous Jamming. Pictures will be posted soon enough on the Arduino-jam's website.

This JAM I only had 1 goal: make a game for the (not published yet) all new altered TV-out library, using 4 channel music. A big thanks to D. Taylor, who made the original Squawk and mixed TV-out and squawk work together. As soon as I've made a video on the game, I'll post more info on the new ARGlib we at TEAM a.r.g. are working on.

The game, you ask? Well you can see the main menu on the picture, but you can't really see the guy is actually moving nor can you here the soundtrack playing. I'll be posting all info, video's and stills together with the source code on the TEAM a.r.g. Pixel Fighter game page. It should be up, by the end of this week.

Getting ready for the 5th Arduino-Jam

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Yep, the 5th one already ... Time is passing by fast. Fun thing is, we are getting used to the drill of preparing everything in time, so less tress and more fun. Want to join us on the 48 hour JAM? Yes you can. http://www.arduino-jam.org/enter-the-jam/

Want to know more about the previous jams? Yes you can:

4th Arduino-JAM
3rd Arduino-JAM
2nd Arduino-JAM
1st Arduino-JAM

If you would like to follow what's happening this weekend, check the site, or try twitter: the hashtag #5AJAM or start following @ArduinoJam or just follow me @JO3RI

What 2014 might bring

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And yet an other year has turned ... So what will we be doing this fresh new year? I'll be 3D printing some stuff for sure, especially for the kids. Arduino will also take a big part out of my free time, in the form of TEAM a.r.g. and of course the 5th Arduino-Jam ! The raspberry Pi focus will probably stay on LoVoN, our SMS-GATEWAY running on the Pi (and it is already in use for more than 6 months now), but I might give PiMAME a try, and see how well it works with NEO GEO roms (still the best console ever made in my opinion)

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