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Android 7" tablet from China

posted 17 Dec 2012, 05:37 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
the 12 of November there was a deal on iBOOD for a cheap 7" android tablet. I mentioned this to @delegatevoid (who now lives in China) and he just laughed at me: way to expensive (can't remember the exact price). So I started looking myself on the net and found this:

When I ordered the NEW 7 inch allwinner a13 cpu mali400 gpu android 4.0 Capacitive 512mb ram 4GB Camera WIFI, it had a free chipping deal. So I payed about 54 euro. This weekend, I was telling my brother, it might even never arrive.

Guess what the postman brought me today? Yup a 7" android tablet. :-) Did some testing and ... well it does work, plays youtube and movies full HD without any problem, but it isn't very snappy. cut the rope isn't playable due to lag, but angry birds plays fine. Well it's a cheap tablet, good for reading email, doing some facebook, twitter and playing games (not all games though). My kids (5 and 6 years) will have to do the real testing.