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CEBIT 2012

posted 15 Mar 2012, 02:34 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
Back in 2009 I went to CeBIT in Hannover. In those days, new things were to found in every corner of the exhibition. This time, it was different. Nothing really new. We all know 3D, 3D without glasses, augmented reality, interacting robots, electric cars, small form factor computers, tablets, e-readers, ... Don't get me wrong, it was all there, but it felt like old news. Gadgets on the other hand, those were thrown at our heads like candy bars. Now we can connect everything to our iPad, iPhone, Idon't-know-what-else. There were also Pole dancing robots, but who cares?

Gadgets, yes, lot's of gadgets, but also Windows 8, the cloud, social media. But still, don't we all know about those things more then we want to know? Well we've been walking a lot (big exhibition) and we had fun, saw cool things, but nothing stunning, new or exciting or ... maybe quadcopters, those are cool anytime.