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CeBIT 2013 here we come.

posted 4 Mar 2013, 01:30 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
IT's almost time to get ready for CeBIT 2013. Itwon't be my first time at Hannover's fair grounds, already went for the world fair expo in the year 2000, CeBIT 2009 and CeBIT 2012.

As I have little time on my hands (note to myself: find more time), I haven't red a lot on what is going to happen. I got 2 free tickets, thanks to CeBIT, for visiting last year. And I've put those in my Passbook on My iPhone, finally used that App. But that's not all ;-) It seems is using the same Passbook, for your hotel reservation. Hurray ... Well, we'll see how good this will work, in a few days.

Now without knowing what to expect of this years CeBIT, I guess it will be a bit strange at first. Ah what I do know is this: This years Cebit partner country is ... Poland. Yep, Poland. In Belgium we only know Poland for it's cheap contractors, but ICT? Well, new things to learn and discover, isn't that what CeBIT is all about?