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Meeting Kevin Bates, creator of Arduboy

posted 8 Oct 2015, 04:10 by JO3RI Read Grab Share
It's fun to meet someone that has made a successful kickstarter campaign on its own. Meeting Kevin Bates the creator of Arduboy was really intense. We had an 8 hour talk, while we did some sightseeing in Ghent.

We have been talking a lot (hence 8 hours), most of it about the business he started with Arduboy and how it came to be. We also talked about TEAM a.r.g. (the team I'm part of) and what we can do together to make Arduboy an even greater success.

We both came to the same conclusion: to make a successful system, you need great content and visa versa. So we are both looking in the same direction and in time we'll start working closer together. TEAM a.r.g. might evolve into a gaming studio, but for now, we will just keep making fun games for a fun platform, so that when the Arduboy gets released, TEAM a.r.g. will have 10 titles ready for download. So ... Interresting times ahead !