Boot my Raspberry Pi

posted 21 Aug 2012, 00:54 by JO3RI Read Grab Share   [ updated 21 Aug 2012, 00:55 ]
Ok, so suddenly I happen to have a Raspberry Pi. I got home, only to find out I couldn't find my HDMI cable, nor a micro-usb cable. Oh well, patience is a virtue they say. So when I finally found a micro-usb cable I was able to boot with an SD-card running the latest Debian image for Raspberry Pi, I found on the download page. Still using the video-out and not HDMI, but it works (what a relieve).

Now when first sniffing around on the console, it reminded me of the NSLU2 I used to run Debian on. That also was an ARM based box, made by Linksys. I even got more into that idea, when using X on the Raspi. It ain't fast, but it does work.

I didn't buy a Raspberry Pi just for fun (well maybe a bit), but I did because I will be using it in a project: LoVoN (a 2-way sms / email server). Of course, I'll be testing some distro's with the Raspi as well. And I'll post my findings here, so don't forget to check this blog time to time.