New project I made and printed

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Like many people, we also have a trampoline in our backyard. Unfortunately all the pole caps broke or the top broke, so they started sliding down the pole, with the safety net along. So I decided to print my own, and started working in Sketchup. It didn't take long (like 6 minutes) for the first test cap to be ready for printing. After the print was about 1 cm high. I made it stop, so I could test the inner diameter on the pole. Made some more adjustments and than started printing our 8 caps.

If you want, you can download the files from Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:142663

And here are the links to all my other 3D projects on Thingiverse I created.

Let's 3Dprint with ColorFabb PLA

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A little while ago, Ultimaker posted a blog item about a new kind of PLA, 'Soft Touch PLA' that is. Because I still needed wanted some more colours, I ordered spindles. White, green, black, magenta and orange.

This is what you can read about the 'Soft Touch PLA' in the Ultimaker's blogpost:

"Colorfabb,  a new company in the Netherlands which is a brand of Helian polymers, it aims to provide high-quality PLA filament (+/-0,05mm) in an amazing range of colors and continuous to develop more. At the moment they have about 20 different colors all at  ø2,85mm, so no problems for the bowden tube. It is also good to know, that all filaments are being tested on 3 Ultimakers, so you can rest assured that it will work on your Ultimaker."

"PLA is naturally brittle, which is not an ideal property due to the possibility of breakage.To prevent this, Colorfabb’s compound of PLA & PHA makes the filament a bit softer and gives it a little more of a stretch. The printing stays the same, but the filament won’t brake that easily and it has a brighter plastic shine. Another effect is that it copes much much better with retraction even at high speed!"

Ultimaker @CeBIT 2013 showing cloud 3D printing

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Guess what we found on CeBIT? Yes, even Ultimaker was represented. I had a nice chat with Erik, showing me some new stuff, we can expect to come soon to our own 3D printing houses.

Ultimaking will soon bring us a small kit that will make your 3D printer part of the "internet" or your own network. BUT more important, there is a software part to it. You will be able to print straight from the internet to your own 3D printer. Slicing will be done in the cloud. How cool is that? check it out: http://my.ultimaker.net Can't tell you about the price either, but it would be less than € 100,00. Nor do I have a picture, but it looked like one of those small wifi routers. Well, you'll find out at the Ultimaker website soon.

But there is more to come, an online design tool, with a very easy interface. Don't believe me? well go check for yourself: http://my.ultimaker.net/ultishaper/ It ain't ready yet, but when it is, it will be a place where people can easily share,create,convert or adapt objects. Here you see Erik with his eyes closed. ;-) and the ultishaper interface on CeBIT 2013.


Thanks again Erik, for showing me all those cool stuff.

More filament arrived today

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Yes ... Now I'm not bound to red PLA any longer. Ordered blue, yellow and black. But found out after ordering, I made a mistake and ordered black ABS instead of PLA. Oh well, time to find out the difference between the two materials. Now I need to find green, white, and glow in the dark, maybe gold and silver.

And how about wood? Yes, nothing wrong with your eyes. Now you can buy wood as a filament. that would be a nice material to print those Alphabet Cubes.

My first "thing" on Thingiverse

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Actually I'm still in the testing phase with the whole 3D printing stuff, but I have already printed some things, like the the Ulti-foot by Ghijs and Ultimaker Belt Tension Clips by chasmaker.

Time to design something myself. I wanted to have my godchild's name in toy blocks, so I made alphabet cubes. Each cube is 50x50mm and has roudings of 2,5mm. Next thing will be a box so put those blocks into. Maybe I should make number blocks an symbol blocks too.

Got my Ultimaker (finally)

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Last weekend I finally could go to BUDA::LAB in Kortrijk for the Ultimaker workshop organized by Timelab Ghent. BUDA::lab has put some picture on facebook, check their Ultimaker building weekend album. It was a fun weekend and I managed to build the machine without any problems. Couldn't have done this alone though (well I could have, but it would have taken a lot longer). Thanks Björn, for helping me building the machine of our future.

Got an Ultimaker Control panel

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Still some time before the ultrimaker workshop starts on the 21 of October. Meanwhile I had the change of inspecting @ToonNelissen's Ultimaker on the 2nd Arduino-jam. Among some printed upgrades, he also had the Ultimaker Control panel. With this tool, you can start printing without the need to hookup the printer to your computer. The advantage of that is, your computer doesn't have to stay on, or isn't occupied with feeding the Gcode into the printer.

That looked very handy to me, so I ordered one right away. I don't have the ultimaker itself yet, but I'm already able to control it. ;-)
So today I got a package ... Yep the Ultipanel ready for assembling. Got right to it, and voila ... finished. Oh, I need some PLA too. I'm not going to buy PLA at the Ultimaker shop (to expensive), but at some other online shop. I'll fill you in, later on.


Soon I'll have a 3D printer

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As soon as I found out, there was something like printing your own ... uh ... well ... things (nope, we can't print our own women ... yet), I wanted one. A 3D printer I mean. Then I found out Ultimaker is a Dutch product, so if I really wanted one, it didn't have to come from the other side of the world.

But I didn't buy one. I decided to wait until someday, somebody would organize a workshop, because those printers are kits and you have to build them, when you buy one. And ... via Timelab I found out there is a workshop on the 20th and 21th of October (right before Halloween) .

I wonder what I'll be printing first?

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